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Selfie with Harry Styles !

But when I open my eyes and I realise it was only just a dream ~ 

How's everyone ? Hope you guys had a pretty good day ! Ohh whats up with the picture ? Motif ?? Heheheh the answer is saja-saja . Nak tahu tak cerita disebalik gambar tu ? So macam nie cerita ...

First thing first Im the realest . Hahaha as you all know, gambar nie adalah edited/photoshoped (you dont say) . Tapi ramai yang macam cakap nampak real doh and I was like ohh geez thank you ! I didnt know I can do that . Bermulanya kisah dimana aku terjumpa gambar Harry comellllll sangat dia dalam Insta . I don't know time tu tiba-tiba aku rindu Harry Styles *cough* Husband *cough* 

So aku pun search gambar Harry on google . I was supposed to continue studying sejarah STPM since the exam is almost around the corner ! Maybe that time It was boring as hell so dengan itu aku buang masa searching picture of Harry Styles and fangirling over it . While searching, I saw this picture of Harry with a fan and I was like "damn, lucky nigger" So I save it and all the sudden terlintas dalam kepalaotak aku "Alangkah indahnya aku dapat berjumpa dengan Harry" rasa nak nangis je bila fikir because that would the best thing thats ever happened to me. I like him so much Hahaha !

So to help achieve my "dream" I tried to edit the picture of me with Harry . I think it took me only less than an hour . Well I edited it using Blend College  . You guys can find it on Play Store . Yesss I only use phone apps , not photoshop so thats why I used"edited". So , aku tak terfikir pula ia akan jadi but it actually works ! I don't know how to explain you guys how I do it with that apps , Its a bit complicated . It needs some sort of creativity or something . Anddddd thats how it goes .

To be frank , remember that sentence where I said "damn lucky n*gger"  IT WAS A NIGGER ! *sorry if its offensive* . This is the original photo of Harry and his fans ,

Hahaha yesss I chose this ! But I swear Id never though it actually works and also tak sampai satu jam pun buat benda alah nie whatever it was worth it . Tpi rasa bersalah lah kot sebab aku sepatutnya study tapi aku lebihkan benda nie dari study padahal tak penting pun . Anyway , thank you for spending your time reading this unrelevant post . Also , wish me luck for my first sem exam andddd sorry for my broken english . 

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