" A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities"
The Girl

A girl with big dreams .





7 Things I Want The Most

7. Gettin Fit & Healthy
Apart from wanting to be skinny , I would also like to be fit like you know having abs on your stomach . Its like being skinny and fit at the same time like oh that feeling ~ Waiting impatiently for this moment :D

6. Being Fashionable
I love shirts and stuff about fashion . Well Im not a fan of it but I really want to dress well you know ? But the problem is I don't have money yet ! Of course I look "selekeh" for now but if I haveRM10000 on my hands , I would spend it on clothes .

5. Having An Iphone 
Hahaha don't be suprised about this because I really do want to buy an Iphone . Why ? Because of the camera of course ! I think the iPhone camera quality are pretty good . Plus, its an Iphone duhh ? Hahaha

4.Study Abroad
Who doesnt want this ?? This is like my dream ~ I always wanted to study at London, Korea, America or everywhere as long its called oversea . But If I dont make it, Sabah or Sarawak would be nice too :)

3.Meet Harry Styles
Yesssss ! I really really REALLY want to meet Harry Styles ! He's like my man of my dream. Im just want to take a selfie with him and hug him if can and tell him how thankful I am , how loving person he is and then I want to ask him to kiss me on the cheek . I don't careeee ! He must kiss me on the cheek so that I can tell the whole world that HARRY KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK and being bitch about it . Hahahahah IF I meet him . Oh please

2.Perfect Soulmate?
Ummm okey not sure about this but I do always wanted to have a dreamy boyfriend or husband hahahahhaha don't lie to me I know you all do ! Well I don't know I like someone like Harry Styles to be my date . Hahahahha ! Nothing it just that I wish I could find a someone who fits my personal taste(such as good looking, gentlemen, etc) hahaha but who am I kidding . Hmm its not possible right? (IT IS)

1.Complete All The Wishlist
Yup ! I want to complete all this thing I ever wanted and thats the one I want the most of course. Hmm I hope all my dream will become true . All I need is to work hard enough because nothing is impossible eventhough not all :')

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