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Major Crush : Lee Pace

Fun Facts : These character was played by the same actor

At this moment, I have this MAJOR CRUSH on Lee Pace like I had to search up everything about him in couple of days. This guy is actually caught my attention big time.

Lee Pace, He's an actor who has played alot protogonist character such as Ronan, Thranduil (I think) etc .. To be frank, I never thought it was actually the same person when I saw some of these character. He's like another Johnny Depp who aslo looks different in any make-up/costume or someting and I have to say he's a pretty good actor.

The first time I know him is when I saw him on The Hobbit. I'm immedietly fall in love with Thranduil aka The Bitchking Elf. Hahahaha I don't why Im find him very attractive. He does looked gay and fabulous and have this badass looking make up but he's so good which really caught my attention from most cast. But then,it began to fade away like usual like I do on every character that I have fell in love with. I thougt it was normal to fall in love like this

But, After I watched The Hobbit Trilogy, his character became quite popular and my feels for him is coming back and its growing big. While searching up about him, I could'nt believe that he was once acted in Twilight 4 as a vampire. I was shock because I also fall in love once on this vampire character I just couldnt believe its actually the same person. No wonder ! God . Hahahaha same goes to Ronan . Yeah I find Ronan at some point something about him and I look up, it was the same person again. I swear this is true ! That time I know I have major crush on this guy aka Lee Pace

So, Im trying to watch one of his movies called "The Fall". At first I was like " Why is this movie got 8/10 rating? Was it that good?" because I saw the image of him wearing weird costume with a little girl and Im like "Really? Hmm whatever I want to see him only" so I watch it anyway. After finished, my tears could'nt stop falling and my heart could'nt stop pounding. It was very deeply beautiful movie oh god I swear it was very goood ! And Lee Pace, wow I just want to applaud him for doing a wonderful job in this movie. I can feel the way he potrayed his character like I dont know what to say he was very good actor.I recommend this movie "The Fall" please watch I swear it was very good plus he really handsome in that movie.

But then, I found that he's actually born in 1979 which 17 years older than me. I was like SHIT! God he's wayyy older than me. Well, I dont care anyway because I love watching his movies like I dont give a damn about his age. Hey don;t judge me ! I blame him for this responsibilites. Hahaha and thats all I can say about him and everything else. I just want to express my feeling about him because it was very stressful to not telling everyone about him and I just want people to know how I feel about him and why. So thank you for those who reading this and also sorry if there's any grammar mistake also my english isnt that good either. One thing I would say is like it or not every girls/women has their own taste on man so shut up.

He wasnt that good looking but I really do find him attractive in such weird way and I know Im not the only one ! 


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