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WGM : JongAh Couple

Happy 2016 ! How's your day so far ? Hahah chill ok since it's still early. So far, I'm still unemployed & broke but I think is not bad since I got alot of things to do in this house like watching my favourite show, reading novel, and much more. But this recently, I decided to watch "We Got Married" because it's been on my "Must Watch List" for so long that I totally forgot about it. To be honest, I actually don't like this type of variety show because it hurts me when your favourite couple is not dating in real life and this show really grinds my gear. Last time I watch WGM is on 2013 I guess?

However, this "JongAh Couple" really catch my attention cause I fell in love when I first saw Hong Jong Hyun, I actually know him since 2014 but when I found out he's gonna be featured on WGM, Im a bit upset because I dont really like that show. it give me false hope. But this year, I actually strong enough to watch him on WGM since Im curious how he would act on that show so I watch.

2 days later, I cried like hell because it's already over hahahahah ! I freaking love this couple. I love Yura & Hong Jong Hyun I swear to god. Now, I still can;t move on about this couple. I find their relationship so cute & breathtaking eventhough this couple doesnt have alot of skinship but my heart can't stop beating like drum when I watched them. They're freakin adorable especially Jong Hyun. Geeez he so hot eventhough he so shy & stiff. I feel like their relationship is realistic & even the shows meant to be fake but they don't act like 100% fake.

They show their real feeling toward each other and thats makes me happy & sad at the same time. After the last episode, I feel like the world is so cruel like why are you doing this to me ? I love you guys so much please date in real life as well but this type of stuff are expected so theres nothing we can do about it except hoping for it. I know Im a bit late but god "JongAh Couple" made my day. Im gonna miss this couple so much.

p/s : Hong Jong Hyun is freaking good-looking god I want him hahahah 


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