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My Life As A Form 6 Student

I think some of you must be wondering what it's like to be a form 6 student? Well you know what I think? For me personally, it was the hardest thing I have been through. You would most likely suffer alot. The struggle, the drama, the pain but despite all that it was worth it. Did you guys know? I am actually one of the best STPM student for 2015? It's true! Until now I still cant believe it was real. How does a person like me end up being a top student ? This is my story..

First of all, okey lets speak malay pulak hahaha since my english still sucks lol okey kalau korang nak tahu, I am the underdog. Why? Because takde siapa pun actually rasa yang aku akan jadi pelajar terbaik dlm kelas. Why? Cause I never been a center of attention. Why? Sebab aku ni jenis pendiam tak banyak bercakap unless aku rasa selesa. You know, aku tak pernah pun dapat title guru muda, & pelajar cemerlang for every sem (except sem 3), and tak tercalon pun sebagai pelajar harapan. Semua ingat aku ni budak biasa yang tiada tarikan apa-apa. I mean tak pernah kena puji sangat dgn cikgu contohnya, nota tercantik ke, presenter terbaik ke, paling rajin, paling tak menyusahkan cikgu ke, kerja kursus terbaik ke, NO. Aku just budak biasa yang amik STPM. Ada je aku dilantik sebagai ketua sebab ada certain part aku boleh diharapkan tapi selain tu, aku just nothing. Also, cikgu always tertukar nama aku dgn orang lain as if macam nama Tengku ni susah nk ingat, or takde siapa nak ingat maybe? I dont know. But now, nama aku tertera pada board sekolah as best STPM student 2015. Hambekk kau ingatlah nama aku sampai bila-bila. 

But thats not the hardest part, the one that gets me is my parents. Did you know? My parents actually doesnt support me masuk STPM? The reason why they let me in is because I told them that STPM is just for awhile, not until the end but when it didnt happen, my parents seem to be more careless about me. It makes me sad because I had to make sureI can prove to my parents that my decision is the right thing to do. No matter how much cikgu cakap benda baik pasal aku, my parents doenst give a damn. All they care about is am I able to achieve great result? Nah, They dont believe me, they doubt on me. They thought STPM was a mistake but thank you Allah for helping me to prove how wrong they are about me. It was the best feeling ever I dont care what yall think about me thinking like that. I know what I have been through & you know nothing about it. Dont worry, I never hate my parents for treating me this way because there is some times they actually help me alot like provide me duit, makanan, tenaga, and much more. Sometimes, rasa bersyukur diorang act like that cause if not, I would never achieve what I achieved today right? *sorry grmmar*. However, Im forever thankful for everything.

So, the moral of this story is..never doubting yourself, people may have doubting on you but if you prove them wrong, you know what happiness is. Stay strong & keep fighting because all those hard work would paid off, you will see.

This is my overall result, but I wont consider it as cemerlang but this is the best thing I can do so alhamdulillah :)

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