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New Obsession

For past months, I have discover a lot of things that I never thought I would become obsessed with it. I was unemployed for about 4 months before but alhamdulillah not anymore hahaha. So I want tell you guys about how I spent my jobless life without dying. I have to say, I feel like I am not the same person anymore as I was from last year. I think its because I have alot of time for myself and I kept digging for more discovery especially when 1D is on break. Since then, I became obsessed with alot of things. 

1) Shoes & Clothing
Did you know, I have spent more money on shoes than anything else? I really really love boots and yeah I have a lot of boots because I love it so much. It was worth it I dont care what anyone thinks. Also, my taste on fashion has increased. I dont know but I feel like I have expensive taste? I want to look good but in high fashion way? Oh god hahaha

2) Skincare & Makeup
This is so new to me because I would never thought I have a feminine side of me. I thought I hate these stuff but I;ve seen so many beautiful girls wearing makeup so I think it is a time for me to take care myself now. I want to be pretty too so I learn a lot about skincare and makeup on internet. Yes, I have spent most of my day watching tutorials on youtube like crazy. I cant wait to buy all these stuff. 

3) Tv Series, Drama & Movies
Of course! I have found so many good shows such as America Horror Story, Game Of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Bates Motel and much more even K-Dramas. Oh my god you guys have no idea how crazy I was. Well, cant blame myself for having alots of time. I spent every night watching these tv series. Same goes to movies and wow my point of view on movies has changed comepletely. 

4) Online Novels & Books
I also kept myself busy by reading novels online. I have found a website where you can read books for free! Maze Runner, Hunger Games & much more. However, I mostly read the "Billionaire Romance" section. I dont know why but it was too perfect. I have read like a dozen of books in that website. I plan to read A Song of Ice And Fire By George R.R Martin after I got my pay hahaha. Cant wait!

5) DC Comics
Oh my freaking god. This is completely madness. This is my new obsession. I seen myself becoming a comic geek. No words cant tell you how much I love superheroes in comics, movies, series, anything especially DC superheroes. I am so in love with these character. It took me this long to love this. It all started when I watched DC animated movies such as Superman, Batman, Justice League.. after that I want to try to read the comics and oh my god it was the best discovery ever. It was amazing goshhh they make the character super good looking I dont know whats wrong with me. My favourite so far is Superman, Wonder Women, Batman, Nightwing, Aquaman, ahhh I think I love all justice league superheroes. They're so amazing I swear to you. Best Thing Ever

I think thats all I could think about. To be honest, I like being unemployed because I can find a lots of thing on the internet but then again, I cant let myself unemployed for 8 months without earning anything. How am I supposed to buy my favourite stuff without the money right? So I got a job & now taking a car license. Hopefully it went well. Sorry for my horrible english. 

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